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His voice ever so softly hits some pretty high notes which really draws you in on the dramatic feel of the song. Just as the world is ending massively and beautifully, so is the song itself with the instrumentation in the outro. “California” As if “MSK” wasn’t stripped down enough, this one is just about as raw as it gets.

“California” is comprised of just Ryan Key and his piano.

Ironically, the day the music video was released, Aunt Stephanie had passed away.

This song also has a deeper meaning for the band because Sean Mackin, violin, has been battling thyroid cancer since December of 2011.

This song is stripped down, really honing in on what Yellowcard is known for; that violin.

Ryan wrote about being so far away from someone you love that you will crawl to the ends of the Earth to be with them. “You and Me and One Spotlight” If there was a song to go along with a scene for two lovers watching the world coming to an end, this would be it. Not only are the lyrics absolutely adorable as you imagine two lovebirds watching the world burning before their very eyes while Ryan is singing his heart out, but the music is pretty epic as well.

Key write’s about the fact that despite life’s obstacles, he only sees the light with her. In this case, Key took a different approach that elicits and evokes emotion from the other side.

Ryan recorded the voice of his grandfather reading aloud a letter he had written for his wife, Ryan’s grandmother, and included it before each of the verses.

The song is about growing old together and dying together while still loving one another.

Ryan wasn’t initially sure if it would end up on a Yellowcard record, but eventually, it was recorded on Paper Walls. “MSK” There are three main elements in this song: Sean Mackin’s violin being the only instrument, Ryan’s soft vocals, and the passionate lyrics.

It’s incredible to see the energy he shows on stage and his playing truly resounds throughout fans bodies long after he’s left the stage. Ryan Key now front man of Yellowcard wasn’t the first vocalist for the band.

Ryan Key started off as a guitarist for the band after a member of Yellowcard wanted to jam.

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