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We've rounded up 13 of the best moments for you to look back on before this Sunday's brand new episode... Dorothy Wang admitting the real reason for her summer bbq 12. On their list Rihanna, obviously, Julianne Moore and a few other leading ladies.

Morgan Stewart telling Brendan Fitzpatrick like it is 11. But the most surprising of their comments was when Morgan admitted, "Reese Witherspoon needs to sit down. It's terrible." Just wait until you hear what they have to say about Sofia Vergara!

"I feel like one of those roast pecking ducks," Dorothy exclaims.

"Stella has some good shirts out right now with cutouts in the back," Morgan shares. "Outfits for a summer getaway include a lot of linen, a lot of stripes," she explains. Tune-in to a brand new episode of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills this » Last night's #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was one for the books.

Ej » When David Hasselhoff’s daughter Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff joined Season 3 of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, the newcomer stirred the pot, labeling childhood friend Roxy Sowlaty a bully.

Interior designer Sowlaty tells Us Weekly in an exclusive interview that the claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

" While Ej Johnson and Dorothy Wang joined the happy couple for a viewing party last night, Brendan's mom and sister, who have both appeared on the show, decided to watch together over some chardonnay. In the above sneak peek to this Sunday's brand new episode of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Brendan Fitzpatrick surprises Morgan Stewart with an amazing, romantic marriage proposal.

About two-months ago when Brendan asked sister Kathryn Fitzpatrick to brunch, she knew something was up. Before he surprises his future wife, he calls his mom to let her know he's about to ask Morgan to marry him.

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"I knew he was going to tell me something important but I had no idea what he was going to say," she exclusively tells E! Tonight was probably the most emotional episode of #Rich Kids to date. His mom bursts into hysterics and says, "I'm so happy" and "I'm very proud of you." Meanwhile, Morgan thinks she's being photographed for a magazine cover, but suddenly the photographers disappear leaving Morgan confused. Watch the above clip to see her reaction as he approaches her.

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