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In the first episode Joe, a 23-year-old who looks like an extra on the , must choose between the other contestant — 36-year-old Wee Wee, who has "no f***ing idea" why she's single, but who Joe says is the coolest girl he's met — and an impossibly skinny Israeli girl who says that she "doesn't think too much" and who Joe describes as the kind of girl you bring home, but not to your mom. looks setup plays out in predictable fashion, and you'll want to scream as you watch these two women so willing to forgive a completely unlikable guy for kissing both girls in front of each other as he makes his decision. That makes the motivations for competing on this show rather mystifying.The only answer is that there is an endless line of people waiting to make their TV debut — in whatever ridiculous, small way — and as long as those people exist, hundreds of naked versions of reality shows can continue to have single summer seasons, hoping to hit it big with the scandal factor.On the final day, the two contestants decide who they want to see again.(The fact that these people usually live on opposite sides of the country is not addressed as an issue.)But once you (and the contestants) get used to the nudity gimmick, it's just like any other reality dating show: the inevitable drama occurs.It wasn't Danielle and Richie's, though, they had a whale of a time and, once they were both fully nude, Danielle said she was keen for 'Netflix and chill'. I really hope this works out for the couple and in 60 years' time they're telling the grandkids the story of how they met.

After two and a half seasons Jason Taylor has been sacked as West Tigers coach and club chair Marina Go and Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe say it's a performance based decision, but questions quickly turned to the dismissal of former club man Robbie Farah.

The path to true naked love is fraught with emotional upheaval and physical arousal.

As the Dating Naked season finale prepares to lay feelings bare, what lies ahead for its sizzling sextet, and will Chris and Kerri finally get their happy ending?

Of course, the biggest complication for any of the couples might end up being their own clashing egos.

Natalie's new dates, a sexy male exotic dancer named "Magic J." and tall ginger named Drew try to steal her away from her keeper.

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