Updating multiple records in oracle

IN operator is used to checking a value within a set of values.The list of values may come from the results returned by a subquery.Here is an example where I specified the WHERE clause incorrectly and I updated too many rows: Here I updated Toy Name on two rows, the “Silver Magic” and the “Super Surfer” Toyname rows.If you are not exactly sure what rows will be returned by your WHERE clause of an UPDATE statement, it best to take some precautions prior to executing your UPDATE statement.If you incorrectly specify your search condition you might update too many rows, or not enough rows.Additionally if you forget the WHERE clause altogether, you will update the entire table when you might not intend to.

There may be times when you don’t want to manually write a bunch of UPDATE statements with different literal strings to update your table.

To properly show you how to use the UPDATE statement I will need to create a few tables to hold some sample data. Below is the code to create my Toy table: In order to show you how to UPDATE a table from data in another table I need to build a second sample data table that I will call New Toy Price.

Below is the TSQL code to create and populate this table.

Suppose I wanted to change all the prices of my Toys with a single UPDATE statement.

I can do that with the following code: In this code I updated the Toy table based on values in another table, in this case a table named New Toy Price.

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This is when you need to know how to use the UPDATE statement to update those rows.

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