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If anyone is interested in going chipping in to bring down the cost of the maps I'd be happy to do that – I'm in Sydney (I have the W204). if you can afford the car, you can afford the maps.

I find it a bit penny wise pound foolish when people complain that their 0k car requires something in the hundreds.

License to place a premium on products because the client has a higher ability to pay?

There is a drop down menu labelled "Sprachauswahl" which gives the option of "Englisch". There are three links (very hard to read because they are written in dark blue against the usual Mercedes black background) the first of which is "Download Mercedes Benz Download Manager for Windows". When I opened the new program is asked for a login username and password, which was a bit of a set back.

I looked everywhere to see if there was any guidance, without success.

So my theory is that it should be possible to copy the CLK disc onto my PC HDD, overwrite the maps data from the E280 onto the CLK file and burn a new DVD. I think you have no idea how maps data is processed to be able to work with a particular hardware/software set-up. I read up about the NTG3 map problem, and it turns out that it was the last COMAND APS system to not require a vehicle-specific PIN code in order to load the map update. I know that upgrading is only possible with purchased USB as all upgrades must use the VIN. I asked how many map updates they sold (not including the free first three years). I even showed the Service Manager that Sandersons don't even appear on my Comand POI list for "Mercedes Service Centres". How about a freebie then for this important revelation? I have just completed a FREE online map upgrade for my 2015 C200 and I would have to confess to being seriously misled by the web discussion I trawled through on this topic over the last few weeks.

Therefore the NTG3.5 and later map updates are resistant to piracy. I was not happy when told this but what can you do. I can afford an E500 cab, and I can afford a 0 disc. My car has a Garmin map pilot navigation system – which is MB's most recent unit.

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