Updating drivetrain on a mountain bike

Let me remind you that this article assumes you have a relatively limited budget for upgrades.

If cost is a non-issue, then you shouldn’t be reading this.

Have you seen the dizzying array of bottom bracket standards and headset choices available? While these new complications are often for the better, because they make our parts stronger, more adaptable, and often lighter weight, they can bog us down mentally and take some of the simple fun out of riding.

By the same token, if you decide to buy something that is both light and durable, you will be most probably paying a lot more on this specific component than others that would serve the same purpose but a little heavier.

You can opt to get something which is light and cheap, but it probably won’t last very long.

You want components that will both make a noticeable difference in the ride quality of your bike and that will last you for a good while before you decide to move up to higher-end items. You were not planning on upgrading to disc brakes now, especially since your wheels do not have disc hubs.

Now you have to decide whether you want to return your new fork (if you can) and look for another one with v-brake mounts, or install it but do a whole bunch of expensive upgrades in order to use it (new hubs or wheels a full disc brake set).

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In this article I aim to give you some tips and product suggestions on how to build up a single front chainring 1X drivetrain (1×9, 1×10, 1×11) for your mountain bike.

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