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Yes, I want you to have the joyful courage not to even do the channel surfing.

But sooner or later, whether it’s that sin or another, you are going to fall.

I have come with a passion that you not waste your life. But mainly I want to take out of the devil’s hand the weapon that What broke George Verwer’s heart back in the eighties, and breaks mine today, is not mainly that you have sinned sexually, but that this morning Satan took your 2am encounter in the hotel room — whether on TV or in bed — and told you: “See, you’re a loser. No way are you going to make any serious commitment of your life to Jesus Christ!

My aim is not mainly to cure you of sexual misconduct. You may as well go back to school and get a good practical education, and then a good job so you can buy yourself a big wide screen and watch sex till you drop.” I want to take that weapon out of his hand.

The sexual inability that fuels A Complete History of My Sexual Failures will be getting the animated treatment.

Young London lad Andrew Silverwood is growing up, and he's got the belt notches to prove it.

After getting unceremoniously dumped by his first girlfriend, he seeks help from an e-book on how to transform himself from a beta to an alpha male and win her back. In this semi-autobiographical tale, Silverwood shares how that transformation has worked its magic (or not) on ladies around the world.

At the start of the film, Waitt contacts all his old girlfriends, many of whom had dumped him for reasons he had never come to terms with.

What follows are scenes of chaotic phoning around, wandering round the streets of Edinburgh, turning up on exes’ doorsteps pretty much unannounced and, as doors slam shut and phones are put down, it doesn’t look like the film will go anywhere. ‘I didn’t think about it that much and thought it would be over quite quickly; a few phone calls, a bit of detective work and there we are. I did a calculation and thought if each of my exes spoke to me for five minutes, I’ve got a film.

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