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The groom will say goodbye to his bachelor lifestyle whilst in the company of his friends.After the registration in the ZAGS and (often) the ceremony in the church, the newlyweds and all their guests go to the reception which is usually held in a restaurant, a banqueting hall or at someone's house.As part of the Russian wedding ceremony, people still enjoy the tradition of ransoming the bride.Before the young couple leave to go to the ZAGS (Registry Office), the groom must go to his future wife's house where he will be greeted by friends of the bride, relatives and guests.The latter have become more and more popular and modern in recent years.True Russian weddings are unique in the fact that they are always lavishly played out!

According to her, in Russia it’s not a real date unless the guy picks a girl up, pays for dinner, and gets her home at a time that is comfortable for her.As the young newlyweds enter the reception hall, they are showered with oats or wheat and occasionally rose-petals to make the scene more beautiful. It is while everyone is sat around the table that all the guests will pass on their good wishes to the couple, raise toasts and offer presents.The host of the celebration will then organise fun games and entertainment.In Australia and Europe, relationships often come out of groups of friends, which I’d assume equals #instantapproval. One of my buddies took a girl he was dating for only two weeks on a family vacation, and we’ve laughed about it ever since. But why do we generally wait so long to bring her home? The underlying reason we bring her home to meet the parents is to get their approval for possible marriage. Not only do immediate family members stay close, but distant relatives do as well.Asking her father is respectful and practical because you will be spending ample time with him. Even if the father doesn’t approve, your hands are clean, and you’ve at least done your part.

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