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Connection Classification assigns every inbound IP address to one of ten classes that are based on local reputation data.Connection Classification automatically does all of the following tasks: Fastpass The Fastpass feature conserves resources by exempting senders with the best local reputation from full spam scanning.This section describes what features have been added in Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0.Performance and effectiveness Brightmail Adaptive Reputation Management The features that perform filtering that are based on reputation data now appear together in the Control Center on a new top-level Reputation tab. has confirmed a high-risk vulnerability in multiple anti-virus and anti-spam products and warned that a successful exploit could lead to code execution attacks.The vulnerability, which was reported by Internet Security Systems Inc.s X-Force unit, is described as a boundary error in the DEC2EXE parsing engine used in versions of the Symantec scan engine.

If successfully exploited, the attack could potentially result in remote arbitrary code execution and possible compromise of the targeted system," Symantec said in a security advisory.

In response, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has discontinued use of the DEC2EXE engine, which is no longer required to parse compressed files.

Symantec officials said the company had already deleted the vulnerable engine from the majority of its products and had planned to complete the removal from all affected product lines during upcoming maintenance updates.

After updating, click the "PDF documentation" link at the bottom of the Contents in the online help.

Before installing or updating software Before you install or update Symantec Brightmail Gateway: If you update your software from a previous release of the Symantec Brightmail Gateway software, refer to the Software Update Description for this version for pre-migration information and recommendations before proceeding.

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