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Ya que este modo de comedia es usado por todo tipo de personas, incluso para expresar alguna noticia en periódicos tal como el Frontera entre otros.

So you’ve been dating someone you can barely stand for over 3 years, and before you know it, you’ve wasted away some of the best years of your life being attached to someone you don’t even like.

El mismo trata acerca de un personaje que expresa soledad y decepción hacia su solitaria vida: no tiene novia, ni amigos, ni familia; y si los tiene, siempre lo abandonan y se olvidan de él.

A pesar de que puede parecer triste, en realidad es humorístico, habiéndose instaurado en el lenguaje colectivo de internet el ser o estar "Forever Alone" en determinadas situaciones.

In protest of this co-option, 4chan participants re-branded rage guy as race guy and attempted to tie Hot Topic to the promotion of racism. In May 2011, 4chan users staged a prank related to the "forever alone" face, using fake profiles on the online dating site Ok Cupid to trick men into showing up for nonexistent dates.

While the blog Betabeat identified three men who had fallen victim to the prank, the results fell short of the involuntary flash mob of so-called "forever alones" the pranksters had hoped to create.

Emotions Hog Rider Strong Emotions Matchmaking Is Rigged Legendary Cards 6/21 Balance Update Spam (Based on a true story) Great comics! You should put a disclaimer saying these are parodies, not real life ocurrences just to eliminate the option of supercell deleting them under the blame of "false advertisement" or something.

The first rage comic was posted to the 4chan /b/random board in 2008.A gaming comic book featuring internet memes such as Troll face and Forever alone.The comics in this book have been made by a great community of people on the internet to provide us with many many laughs.Lo staff di Lulu ha ricevuto la notifica relativa a un contenuto che potrebbe violare i termini del nostro Contratto di associazione.I nostri agenti determineranno se il contenuto segnalato è inappropriato, in base alle linee guida fornite e, se necessario, prenderanno i dovuti provvedimenti. Ti invieremo un'e-mail contenente i risultati della verifica e/o le decisioni prese in base agli stessi risultati.

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