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He is confident (or, when nervous, “overconfident at first” before he “settles in”) and prefers calling to texting, which is the definition of chivalry in 2016.

Plus, he’s a gentleman who doesn’t kiss on the first date: “I usually wait until at least the second time, when I’m kind of dating—when it’s not a lustful yearning and more of an ' I like this girl.'"Here’s what we learned from chatting with Seguin, a.k.a.

She was kind of looking around, trying to figure out where the ring was coming from. Jason Demers is the only other single player on my team, and he's really funny.

So, she answered it and was talking to him on the phone. But I’ve never really had one guy that’s, like, a wing-man. My dad was in town and I got him on one of the apps, so I guess I’m all for it.

With Siren, women can get to know men based more on personality and less on physicality.

Because women control who sees their profile, it gives them the opportunity to make the first move and — unlike apps such as Tinder — you can control your online visibility.

A girl can’t go up right away and say, “Hey, my guy friend over there is talking about you.” Then it just kind of makes you look like a coward.

They have to start off with something that’s not right away about me. Or go to Whole Foods on a Friday around, like, 5 o’clock. I have been on some before, mainly just for entertainment.

Seguin, at 24, is an “all-star” when it comes to scoring—on the ice and, also, with women.

He also credits his “shoe game” and his “watch game” as the way into a woman’s, um, heart.

Especially for a first date, I’m just not a huge fan of going and sitting at a restaurant and eating. Her dress was more like parachute-y style and it just didn’t work. (He had an old phone.) He actually drops one in this girl’s purse—one that he saw and liked from across the bar. When I have a girl who won’t let me buy her a drink, I’m like, this is amazing.

Personally, I don’t even think I know a pick-up line. And he came back over and he called the phone and the girl had to answer it. She’ll be like, “I can buy my own drink but we can talk.” I find that attractive.

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