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Download the index of a remote repository can be configured with this setting.

If Auto blocking active is set to true, the repository manager will automatically block a proxy repository if the remote repository becomes unavailable.

Examples of these dependencies could be commercial, proprietary libraries such as an Oracle JDBC driver that may be referenced by your organization.

serves as an adaptor to and from different types of repositories.

If you right-click on a row, you can trigger a number of actions on the current repository, depending on the repository type.

Actions include: The bottom of Figure 6.9, “Repository Configuration Screen for a Proxy Repository” and Figure 6.10, “Additional Configuration for a Proxy Repository” combined show the repository configuration screen for a proxy repository in the repository manager.

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For example, a Maven 2 repository can contain OSGi Bundles, which can be exposed as a OSGi Bundle repository with the virtual repository Provider set to OBR.

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