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I was sleeping in my room, dad was in the other room.

I see this dark figure with horns standing in the corner of my room, just standing and sitting on the chair intermittently and watching me.

I don't really remember what happened but he just kept doing it for hours and all I could do was look at him, and that's all I pretty much remember before I fell asleep under the sheets.When i was at the 1st floor i went pass the window and saw something white flying me being a person who doesnt believe in ghost continued downstairs to where my roomie guess what now the lift works.spent the rest of the night thinking what the hell i saw and the next morning revisiting the stairwell and trying to justify that it wasnt paranormal....couldnt tho.... Not that scary but im in the mood for story telling. It was a last minit plan, me n my family had to stay in a hotel that night coz the hlast open house finished a bit late. Called all the hotels in ipoh n just 1 have 3 available rooms. I just played with my son, but my son keeps distracted at the door. Either some1 opened a door in another floor and the pressure of the wind coused that door to open abruptly, or there was something else. Its an old hotel about genting hotel, i'm gonna tell a true story that happens to me more than 5 years bck.i was staying there for a nite wit gf, our room is on the 8th nite, coming bck from our midnite stroll, we headed to the lobby lift, & press 8th floor.He keeps looking at the door even though I tried to distract him with something else. I shit u not, it opened like being pushed with full force. But I swear as the door opened I cought a glimpse of a black figure b4 it disappeared. Honestly, I was scared also, but just to keep my family calm, I put a brave front. Nothing else happened that night, but the next morning, I wanted to have my morning smoke, I went into that stairs area. it was just 2 of lift reaches 8th floor, it refuse to open, instead, it continue to try pressing other floors & try all buttons, but it just continue to go reaching 13th floor, it just dint open, power still on, but refuse to we press hte emergency button & told them our lift stuck @ 13th floor & refuses to move or open.10 minutes later, there were knock from the other side of the lift door, & a pair of hands pry it was 1 of the guard, letting us got out, took another lift, & go bck down to 8th floor.after the guard free us, that lift continue to operate, doesn't show signs of do notice something, that the 13th floor is completely vacant, coz it was dark, all the lights are off.there r rooms, but is the 1st time i confirmed myself the myth that som buildings leave the 13th floor out fearing of story.My wife asked what happened, I just said it was the wind from the stairs area that pulled the door open. Teringat waktu aku kerja kat Golden Sands Penang dulu.Budak praktikal Housekeeping menangis kena kacau dengan bunyi pompuan menjerit dekat dengan bilik suite(malam tu, bilik tu tak dak orang).

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