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More than 50% of the married couples said that they have cheated at one point in life.

“So for me going into it, I didn't personally want to live it, but I felt compelled to as a matter of faith.” Munn was born in England, but moved to Utah after converting to a fundamentalist sect of Mormonism that still practices plural marriage.

Some 40,000 people are thought to live in polygamous ‘marriages’ in Utah, where their unions are recognized by their sects, but not the modern Mormon Church or the state.

“Utah has declared polygamy illegal, and for good public-policy reasons,” Hamilton wrote.

“When practiced in a community, it leads to the necessity of each man looking to younger and younger women, and the abandonment of some of the boys to make the odds work for the men.

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  1. So stop."I was also embarrassed about my friends coming to see it that first time, which was weird. Boys don't get slut-shamed or sexually assaulted — at least not at my school.