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He is a bodyguard and business associate of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. He was raised by his mother, who also had a notable role in the upbringing of Luis' childhood (and current) best friends, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas.Luis is of Dominican descent and was raised on Frankfort Avenue of Northwood in Algonquin. He also grew up with Oscar Gomez and Alonso Gomez, Teddy Benavidez and Willy Valerio, older kids by three years, ushered most of the neighborhood kids into drug dealing.

Luis is later ordered by Rocco to kill Tony in the mission Party's Over, but kills Uncle Vince, and spares Rocco due to Tony's claims that Rocco is a made man, and at the cost of a heavy ambush.

He later destroys the heroin and then kills Timur and Ray Bulgarin in Departure Time.

In the last cutscene, Luis is thanked by Tony as he 'saved' his buisness.

During this stint, also two years, he went from being very skinny to being quite muscular.

He got his physique by body-building to help against fighting off inmates to keep himself from getting raped or killed.

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He cut all remaining ties with his old gang (except Armando and Henrique as friends), and paid his supposed last visit to an illegal cage fighting ring (though he would return).

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