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She heard the catch of his intaken breath as he found her. And again she wondered a little over the sort of rapture it was to him. And when he came into her, with an intensification of relief and consummation that was pure peace to him, still she was waiting. Surely the man was intensely ridiculous in this posture and this act! 117-118)He led her through the wall of prickly trees, that were difficult to come through, to a place where was a little space and a pile of dead boughs.

She did not understand the beauty he found in her, through touch upon her living secret body, almost the ecstasy of beauty. And when passion is dead, or absent, then the magnificent throb of beauty is incomprehensible and even a little despicable; warm, live beauty of contact, so much deeper than the beauty of vision. He threw one or two dry ones down, put his coat and waistcoat over them, and she had to lie down there under the boughs of the tree, like an animal, while he waited, standing there in his shirt and breeches, watching her with haunted eyes.

But it was over too soon, too soon, and she could no longer force her own conclusion with her own activity. She could only wait, wait and moan in spirit as she felt him withdrawing, withdrawing and contracting, coming to the terrible moment when he would slip out of her and be gone.

Whilst all her womb was open and soft, and softly clamouring, like a sea-anemone under the tide, clamouring for him to come in again and make a fulfilment for her.

The activity, the orgasm was his, all his; she could strive for herself no more. She lay still, feeling his motion within her, his deep-sunk intentness, the sudden quiver of him at the springing of his seed, then the slow-subsiding thrust. It’s a book against the self-interested materialism of modern capitalism. Then she felt the soft, groping, helplessly desirous hand touching her body, feeling for her face. What I had in mind has been expounded comprehensively by Nobel laureate Doris Lessing in her introduction to the With a queer obedience, she lay down on the blanket.It was like bells rippling up and up to a culmination.She lay unconscious of the wild little cries she uttered at the last. She could no longer harden and grip for her own satisfaction upon him.

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He drew down the thin silk sheath, slowly, carefully, right down and over her feet.

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