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Ryder played the love interest of Antonio Banderas' character.

Principal filming was done in Denmark and Portugal.

Since 2016, she has starred as Joyce Byers in the Netflix supernatural-horror series Stranger Things, for which she has garnered Golden Globe and SAG nominations. When asked how she wanted her name to appear in the credits, she suggested "Ryder" as her surname because a Mitch Ryder album that belonged to her father was playing in the background.

In 1983, when Ryder was 12, she enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater in nearby San Francisco, where she took her first acting lessons. The film, a satirical take on teenage life, revolves around Veronica, who is ultimately forced to choose between the will of society and her own heart after her boyfriend, played by Christian Slater, begins killing off popular high school students.

Ryder's ninth role was in the family comedy-drama Mermaids (1990), which co-starred Cher and Christina Ricci.

Mermaids was a moderate box office success and was embraced critically.

As the remote property had no electricity or television sets, Ryder began to devote her time to reading and became an avid fan of J. At age 10, Ryder and her family moved on again, this time to Petaluma, California. Lydia quickly finds herself the only human with a strong empathy toward the ghosts and their situation.

During her first week at Kenilworth Junior High, she was bullied by a group of her peers who mistook her for an effeminate, scrawny boy. The film was a success at the box office, and Ryder's performance and the overall film received mostly positive reviews from critics.

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