Jessica guide to dating on the dark side

Uncle Vasile/Elders had a few thoughts of their own to painfully put forward.All the while Jessica is trying to understand , sometimes stubbornly , what is happening to her and her feelings for both Jake and Lucius.As the reader we slowly watch Lucius slide into American Teen lifestyle .

She has a hard time believing anything that can't be explained logically.

At the same time, she starts hearing her birth name whispered in the air. When the same strange and mysterious guy shows up at school, she doesn't know what to think.

It turns out he is an exchange student named Lucius Vladescu.

Jessica's birth parents begged the Packwoods to take their daughter to safety.

Eventually, Jessica's birth parents and many others of her family are killed and the Packwoods return to the United States with a new baby. She hates the fact that her parents were the kind of freaks that anthropologists wanted to study in the first place and how her birth name sounds so ethnic and strange. Jessica starts to get a little freaked out when she sees a strange and mysterious guy watching her from afar.

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