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But if you’ve ever played dating sims before, you’ll know that they can be a huge amount of fun.

Two of Japan’s most popular dating sim series, , where you have the opportunity to romance the cute virtual boy of your choice.

(Don’t do what I did in demonstrates what the series is like pretty well.

The new entries in both series were announced on March 16 this year by Konami Digital Entertainment, but details have yet to be released, and with a shuffling of staff many die-hard fans of the series are nervous about what’s in store for both franchises.

In the end it is what it is, pretty much what I had expected, maybe a little less amazing.

But it is cool just to have a visual novel so that justifies it in my mind.

I mean I just don't see how the price can be justified for an older game that is pictures and text.The general format for the games usually involves taking on the role of a high school student who advances through several years of school while attempting to forge relationships with a variety of NPCs.Clever dialogue choices aren’t enough to win you the heart of your pixellated beloved, though – you’ll need to build up your parameters and stats, too.This particular visual novel is praised online in reviews and in the visual novel community for its story line.But the story line is not that innovative when it comes down to it. Now, the erotic scenes can make you climax, but they are not really vulgar or overly sexual.

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I can't deny that I do enjoy the ero scenes, but you should pay attention to the story instead. This game is recommended for anyone who enjoy a drama and a bit of romance. it's like one of those typical humor you find in anime.

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