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Such is the premise of The Setup – a short film that also serves as the pilot episode of a new web series Soon By You – the brainchild of filmmaker Leah Gottfried.

David and Sarah suffer through their respective dates, managing to catch fleeting moments to interact in the back of the restaurant, before departing with their original matches.

“Here’s a young guy, and he’s not typically what people think of when you think the word rabbi.

I think there’s a lot we can play with him exploring his position.”While the cast is made up largely of Modern Orthodox Jews, the artist Sarah is played by Sara Scur, a Seventh Day Adventist who was drawn to the project in part because it would allow her to observe Shabbat.

“Never anything in between.” To accomplish this, Gottfried said she wanted to show the awkward, comedic side of dating.

“It helps to laugh about it and show we’re not alone,” she said.

It’s an example of matchmakers gone wrong and chemistry leading the way to a potential match, even in the Orthodox world of marriage-focused dating.

As single, young Modern Orthodox Jews, the writers of the series know first-hand how strained dating can be, and how “hopeless” many single people can feel due to the pressure to get married and settle down at a young age, Gottfried explained.

“There’s risk involved when you meet someone and you don’t really know anything about him,” she said.

She told me that her role in is “the first thing out of school that I’m proud of.” Although she has never been on a blind date (she’s dating someone from her hometown in Maryland), “It’s cool putting myself in those shoes,” she said.

Another cast member, 28-year-old Jessica Schechter, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a hub for young Orthodox singles in New York, is co-producer of the film who also plays the role of an anti-traditional, progressive character named Noa.

“People are also commenting how much they love it and how relatable it is and also really discussing the characters – which is great because it shows they’re really invested in it.”Like Srugim did, Gottfried said she wants Soon By You to “portray different kinds of Modern Orthodox Jews.”“A lot of people assume we’re all the same, but we really want to show people on different sides of the spectrum – within Judaism in general and specifically within Modern Orthodoxy,” she said.

“As the series continues, we’ll see how the characters have different practices – they’re not all observing in the same way; they have different struggles, their families are different and their dynamics are different.”The decision to make the affable David, played by Danny Hoffman, a rabbi, was a very conscious choice, said Gottfried.“In the media, rabbis are these old, bearded kind of people and we wanted to show a different side of it – something new that people haven’t really thought of before,” she said.

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