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"I ended up not buying them." Jason says he loves his wife's generosity, but such fights nearly ruin their evenings out.

"I think Leigh Ann sees me as a cheapskate, when I'm simply looking out for our best interests." Leigh Ann started to cut back when she recently took over balancing the checkbook and could see where the couple's money was going.

"That's the type of social setting where I don't do so well," he admits.

For Jason, going out with Leigh Ann's friends from the bar, whom he doesn't know well and feels he has little in common with, is anything but fun -- he feels like an outsider.

Problem is, sometimes Jason is already in bed when she gets home, making her feel like she canceled her plans for nothing. Now, not only do they argue about going out, but they also find themselves disagreeing over how much money to spend when they do go out.

"It's been a big adjustment, especially for Leigh Ann, to cut back on our spending," says Jason.

Back then, career-oriented Jason spent most of his free time studying in his dorm room, while Leigh Ann would go out with friends. Jason, 24, works a 9-to-5 job in public relations and likes relaxing at home.

Leigh Ann, 25, goes to nursing school during the day and bartends five nights a week from 4pm to 1am, but is often in the mood to socialize after her shift.

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Recently the couple got in a fight while at a bar with friends because Leigh Ann wanted to buy a round of shots for the group.

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