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I spent 25 thousand plus dollars on hairdressing training courses, hairstyling school, hair and beauty courses, makeup artist training, and earning my licences and certifications, then I got to thinking; how many people can really afford K in training?

Furthermore, do hair professionals have 2 to 5 years to obtain all their certifications? The industry standard is to put you through hours of theory, apprenticeship and get you to spend thousands of dollars.

Likely, you WANT your certifications but, don’t have time to get certified, even though it’s required by law.

If the government regulators walked into your salon right now, would your staff be able to provide a licence which is mandatory and will be enforced under Bill 183 which created the College of Trades?

These industry-based courses are not nationally recognised training, however should you wish to receive recognition for any units of competency you complete please speak with your course coordinator.

Foreign residents without a student visa may apply to undertake refresher courses or advanced seminars up to three months in duration. One Day Workshop Long Hair: 0 Colour: 0 Sculpting: 0 including head block One day seminars are available at both Brisbane campus on a regular basis.

They made so many mistakes but, I only had corporate experience at that time so I didn’t feel it was my place to advise them. Get valuable Training and Certification that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals! The only difference between broke and rich is KNOWLEDGE.Hair Cutting Schools and courses really don’t prepare hair industry professionals to be Successful Entrepreneurs. This is a business muscle and business intelligence that you can’t afford to ignore. Because there are very few trained color specialists, who are privileged enough to have the time and money to invest in hairdressing training courses that specialize in coloring.LEARN MORE Mastering The Art of Coloring will dramatically increase your confidence in the hair salon industry and your market value goes way up! LEARN MORE Licensing for hairstylists has always been compulsory in Ontario and recently the province has passed Bill 183 establishing the College of Trades.If you can’t find a course to suit you in your local area, we even have a selection of online courses available, allowing you to study more at your own pace from wherever suits you best.Browse our range of courses today and if you would like any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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LEARN MORE Hi, my name is Dee Sarwan and I am the Founder of Hair Salon Training Pros.

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