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He walked me to the train station, and I gave him a hug.However he later text saying he was thinking about thought it would be best to just be friends, and he says it has nothing to do with me. Age gap: on the first date he thought I was only 2-3 years older than him. Sometimes it doesn't matter and sometimes it's glaringly obvious for either the older or younger partner that this could never work.Unlike hearing their voice or talking face to face, you cannot tell if the other person is messaging you out of boredom, if they are texting you on the sofa next to their husband or if they are playing some twisted game.

Did he press his legs against you because he felt it was love at first sight? You cannot be sure you want to be with someone you don't even know.

But on these apps there is pretty much nothing but rejection.

It genuinely has affected my confidence and has me questioning my attractiveness,as shallow as that may sound. I generally don't go out and I don't frequent the scene,partly because I find that it's not for me and partly for fear of bumping into my ex.

Who knows why he said that, you will probably never know as he probably doesn't want to hurt you by telling you.

The text messages you received may have seemed cute and funny but how much sentiment really goes into a text message and can you really tell what someone thinks or feels from reading a text?

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