Fairness boob beeg

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Ivan scores 570 and wants to schedule appointment for deportation to Novosibirsk.

Ivan presses 3 for "early morning" appointment for black Maria to arrive between 1 and 3 AM, so Ivan has plenty of time to denounce himself in advance (it saves time!

Guilt czar will steer and support the transition from Conspicuous Consumption™ of the Gilded Age to Conspicuous Compassion™ of the Guilted Age, as mandated by government edict.

To this end scientists at Karl Marx Treatment Center developed the following Progressive Guilt Quiz.

We are happy to offer city-wide delivery and an association with a consortium of fine florists, offering outstanding floral design for nationwide and international delivery.

Workers toil harder for less pay and donate surpluses to progressive causes within the hope that it would offset their culpability for having the wrong color, ethnicity, religion, zip code, profession, hobbies, vehicles, grocery bags, communing and shopping patterns, taste in food, living standard higher than in Zimbabwe, and exhaling the CO2 while breathing.

The pursuit of happiness in the Guilted Age becomes to mean this: the stronger your guilt, the happier you are to give your stuff to us. We don't believe in chance, that's why we are disposing of capitalism.

), prepare a warm coat, felt boots, and a small bundle of food for the train car, indulge in last binge of Trotskyist sabotage and Zinovievite counter-revolutionary wrecking. In order for me to feel guilty, I would have to own a solar powered house that used more energy than the average American home (like comrade Gore), fly back and forth between Washington D. and California on a military jet any time I please (like comrade Pelosi).

Beeg trouble for Ivan - he's done OK for himself - warm bed, protein 3 times a week, 4 square meters of living space behind the curtain for weekly boom-boom with Natalya! Ride to and from work everyday in a tax-free (unless I am caught) chauffeur driven limousine like comrade Daschle, accept a book advance from an evil capitalist publisher after I have been elected senator (like comrade Clinton) and other guilt inducing activities. - There is a thin line between abstainance and being too ugly to breed with ( as is my case).17.- I had to retract my answer when I realized that my thinking that piling the naked Camel- F#! Only 'The One' who possesses magnificent insight into all of us can determine fair.

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