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Because of his privileged background, he was called "cake eater" and rejected by the other players.But as he proved his commitment to the team, his teammates slowly accepted him, and he contributed to winning the championship game before he was injured by the opposing team.The Huffington Post published an interview with him on Sept.

Expect all that to change, though, because Then: Vincent played Adam Banks, the star hockey player on a rival team who was forced to join the Ducks partway through the season.But once Coach Gordon took over the team, he got over his fear and ended up being a pretty decent goalie.Now: In 2014, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund "Back on the Map," a comedy tour documentary, in hopes of relaunching his career, this time as a stand-up comedian.Now: Vincent largely turned his back on acting after starring in the Then: Danny acted as Tommy, the pint-size skater who joined the Ducks with his sister Tammy.Aside from the scene he was introduced in, he didn't get much screen time in this movie.

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