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Tlis scei'e goes t^c'k 1d ny e^difs L y^^ss, ^i4ier L I njanr Eii ^i Torcj tire t^nn tiees ^t Al Bxandenslciii&UL The sani ns die ^anre colour as 4ie ^anl louid Kixirbedey^ tlie air has d Jarui Lar Eee X tl^eie is amndefirobl B dc Idiit ^A^nch I^s set 3x^ ii:^\Tjhi E Tscnrg tomfrhl I have an nniis Di\:t i Tenniy of a jo 'hy oi Xr-^ago TL Th3T.^h I anxi TJt gi Tei L 1D v^miegiel E, I would l^^e lived i Msre £li1^ oil this veld ii\ d^ Dxw^oi\ d^s Axidiew A Andensoi^ ^k^ho lived on tns wagoi L for twenty-fi-ve ^eais^ tzelded acio^ lhe Kalaleni trei'^ Hzires an^l ei^oyed Htb giealpeace ''A life uid^ deseitns certam^ i Tcst ctmrnr^ ^^ritlx all its dia^h^^j^^Ls^ Jot die iimi can tflve i.inlii Mted actioi V', wiofe Arden Hsn Peni'^G d^tis -why ii^ dcirrhl E ^le lai^guc^s? I Irmve Unre to diml^ aid ore can cover nui Kgioii Rl manh^ur. Soixe of the Thusdani ti&klcis Jbllow Ed -ins jx^x Bb oi\ die loi^g ^Jid lian^ein TE tiail 1d Areola.I cdi L abn Gt Iiear tie c^ealoi^g of tlieir The v^le tidisi Js ai E dear sci^ and Hb ■will-o'-liie-\M^of avocaio Fff'E slomvlardan Tha L ni Et te a v^iile ox in He tean; sur^ oiled Witzatag "Hot Bandnn! " "C^^ Qe oxqi \^^Isi Js Ite I:as^- footi Aiip-la Eli and Bjeluni Hirgwog D-nnrv GE csi Ihroi^ Ite siii Son B'^iise lii^^ thiffi late l±QB ma te ri Hi "^vilh pji^^i^ V^i TE arri fre 101:9; ^"o.'^^dahle Bcq^ giis ca Jei i TJOs,'' T^ev^lta-v?In fa^H it IS EDll Tug imre than a beacon aiii a hc-i^isl^ ffit in v^Bt Ihe old cksit Jwalei^ ca Jed ''parit lit E county-'' Or^ hse Uh^ are ro gates, fei Esor[Bifck Eqsis Late; if i Mloflrdny "w^l Bitoranp Ini^lorgfbi^ary^nl Hlaf ovilislion At ife nnn Ht I amlcst tut mm v^ alamsi I still ha^ a full \rtala=-tcll]^ a nffe C2itn(^^ a ho K of n Bfci ES ard agai E^ts, I^ conx KE.hj^^s^a; is saf^ slias^^ei ^'^ vflth ny kit m canp I -w^as Ib Hixet ^u atd Lit Unkni TE Hid Thiee teiiil Dii£5 nreet at this p^iz A- tie Uinaix Sout^ W&st Afocaajid 1^ Bec H^i W^d E^l Ecl Di Bt B I l»h&Te t J:e ELinve^T ^vhs &xk1 tl^ p DEHaon of this sp^talso crave it^^e appropnal E I'dtx E Nat T^try i\Bii^ T^h UE f^cple l^ave been teie Id adnii G tie be^c Qi^ sirc^i it^ SLin Te^T lai^^ it; TI:b boi G-b^lfi is four Inindzed feet dnep^ ani 5i Ehn: Ei\ s3n~e1in: ES i TB^E l E^of l L Icannst^^ t Jrot tl^e hoie-b^le v^a E sui'ik Jot dienr tensfit^ it ■wa E aid'O'n^KL loi ET be Jbie ai^^ne tl^oi^it of t^ ^ire!lun~eeld Doiii£ No Hb HEnl Eil; ever ^vastes a ^^ot^ aid ^vben Coop^i^s n BTL opened £ze at close isnge al d^bieakllie Qemran-soldiens started ^Ihi^g.It v^e a hopdess pcalion The survp/ing Gem BDS jun^Ed on ther hcas ES a Ed l:eafed TAs L Tlis W3S oact^ \^t Cocfa^ knav IJ^ "wjijld da.

It met tove Irelped ti b^idd \-\p tl^e uncanr^ a Utnsp Iieie ^^rlnch sti D Lxigens m it:y itrei TDiy And diei? Sai\^ places nn this ^^^dd ai G 5D i Ginil E du X Iuvuet once set eyes i^»il t^eitx oi^e croes away inroguni^g dst t J:e &st v3SLt IS td Lini Id te tbe ]as L I never expecled ic see Cidqi Id I]^ and its ie]i£s of aid occi^hfi Hon, aseconi tm:e Inevita Hy 1 visisbsed t^ ci Dwd ^vli3 i^i L ^tn)i Lini under tire Iqith L- doom ^ATith n: E tefbie.

Last t HB v^ 9Et a leifaid ti^ a^y n^ ard Qi^on^ajada Ll^etlumit^ra Bpc^llelo at tead B Ihs "^kolk" v^ilh a dirtgun and tnig ! Diffei HTl; thetistosff^rfronilte Gio Dtk Dlkoflte flia vi Ei L To ny v^ of Qiinkiiig Gi Dolkolk bad 'h BCOTti B Geixe]^ Oi Av Hidly it was ex Eclly d^e ^nve.

But very o£i Ei\ yoi L see a place ti -fl^ eyes of yrn^r conpani Di'E- The crowd of tl^ fiist ox^edxtifm tad gore Tonig^ tinee of is weie ^[Qirg in anold Gen\sj Loiigxn Coc^o^ and his ntai lo die of ihirs L Ganab \rtj Efi one of Ihese outpcels.

Si Jf^i D^^ I saui to ii^self, SL^ip^se I ^as cordenned ic spend tie lest of n:y life indiese deep cai^^n E of I^^i^J^a San artni^ tiese I'did iaced cio^vds^ wit^ tlie elevabl l Eiilway^ ^^i^JEHj:^ n~E^ e^isaidtie suim:l~et heat ^Jimiii:^ 1^ fionx tie i^vetx EJit as no Afocazi sui\ ever Ecoict Ed n: E WL^at^Ten?

I -wer L^ tie stirppn^ n-FRr^ found d bei^IHEr ^b Iuej duect ^onri Ne'i^ Von^ m C^ie Totatt^ j]aid n:y faie and cast out a devil tiut t^ ei HEied n-y Lihixl Here! The Kalahari, in spte of lis dtyiess, is not hzs Ma I can find ni:lhu:g n Ble/oloit ^^3i in the dures, Tha sizeof lhe^ tleir t Tsai Yi Ta nekms^ tl'E^ands of tii Bse i.in£en[:€d f Eonbeis or^ f^sn.

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