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While early malware was relatively harmless—and sometimes little more than amateurish hijinks—over the years the technical complexity, method of proliferation and destructive capabilities have changed dramatically.The ways that malware proliferates has evolved alongside technology.Learn more Real-time threat intelligence and contextual awareness of risks are central to detecting, responding to and mitigating cyberthreats.Equally integral is sharing of threat intelligence with business peers, industry groups and government agencies.Geopolitical conflicts have given rise to complex new attacks by nation-states and hacktivists.Many organizations are addressing these threats by deploying offensive tools such as real-time monitoring and analytics, threat-detection and identity management solutions.Moving forward with cybersecurity and privacy Organizations are adopting innovative cybersecurity and privacy safeguards to manage threats and achieve competitive advantages.To do so, they are thinking more broadly about cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers for the business, third-party partners and customers.

The hack exposed sensitive data and communications, significantly disrupted business operations and resulted in last-minute cancellation of a motion picture.Hackers gained access to the retailers point-of-sale system via a trusted contractor, and over the course a month compromised 110 million customer records.The breach was not without an upside: The attendant publicity helped boost the awareness of cybersecurity risks in the Boardroom.The first PC virus, Brain, was identified in 1985 and spread slowly via floppy disk.The game changed with Morris, the first Internet worm that quickly infected thousands of computers in 1988.

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This year, the key findings show that survey respondents are focusing on four areas: We will take a deeper dive into these four themes in a series of reports that will explore how companies are addressing these trends.

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