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Pound Man, Smiling Pete, Leah, Slowboy (episode 2) Keith Meef, Barry The Pigeon, Dumb Girl on "Ethel the hag" advert, Gaz, Wayne, Morag Smith, Karisma DJ, Burger Tash Woman, Darius Flap, Merrick Smithé, Elain Tinsley, Many Smackheads, Scouse Scally, Ginger Bearded Bloke Ant made his only Fatpie appearance in episode 1 where he let out his black side and played one of the hip-hop gangsta bruvvaz. He's currently working on a comic called "Bi-Polar Boy" With Jimi Mwng.I get a trillion emails a second and most of them say similar stuff.

Charlie, Edna and random old people (in Child That Smelt Funny) Mable, Blidon (beetle From STB -1), Dane, Freddy, Lazy Lemon, Harper, Big Turk, Mrs Pelk, Possalus, Receptionist in Doctor's, Polinthian Shop Keeper, Washing Machine Emulator, A Dog, Various Smackheads, Johnboy, George Foreman, Receptionist in Heaven, Rib Ticklin' Tim, Cockney Narrator, Brikko, Wayne, Head Teacher, "Talk Local" Femal Presenter, Missiy Elliot, Market Researcher, Billy, Marky Mark Market Boy, Chav (in Alan), about 50% of the Waller FM voices.*Update* I still want you to send me your music, but don't just send the tracks to my email, upload them somewhere and send me the links as my gmail is dangerously close to being full. If you think you have some really good ideas, but can't animate I would suggest (a) try learning to animate - it takes a lot of practice but can be very rewarding.Yousendit, filefront, rapidshare and megaupload are my suggestions. Or (b) go to the newgrounds forums and see if any animators would like to team up with you.Bones, Freddy's Dad, Slowboy, Irish Cop, Peshwan, Various Smackheads, Posh People, Wet Wes, Ethel the Hag, 6 Armed man, Neil Buchanan, Usher, Def Comedy Jam, Bully Brown, Jim Davidson, Anne, Cockney Charlie, Henry Paulington, Random Bruvva, Big Shot Producer, Brummie (from anti smoking ad) Dog Owner, Tv announcer (Video Dating Tape) Morthar (beetle From STB -1) Shopkeeper (in Alan) about 50% of the Waller FM voices and about 500,000 more.Cresh, the Crulleted one, Creshed up Crayfields would rather hide in a corner than do some vocals, but that's how he works.

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