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We're looking forward to the 2015 event and having you be a part of it. would like to thank Casey & Sayre and @AT&T first and foremost for making this year's Daddy Daughter Tea Day in #Los Angeles possible!

It's very simple to do and you could be changing the lives of a dad and daughter in your area!

#DDTea2014Of course we want YOU to be the "place" she shares her day!

;)Here's a little tip to get you started: *Instead of asking this: How was your day?

direct reckoning with the taboo on interracial sex" during a time in which "wartime developments began the process of separating concerns about 'miscegenation' from discussions of racial equality, ultimately laying the groundwork for a more effective black struggle for racial inclusion" (p. Interracial marriage continued to be rare during and in the immediate aftermath of the war, but times were changing and Americans had to decide how or whether to adjust. Most Americans simply remained wary of the practice, believing it to be unnatural and wrong.

Notorious racist Senator Theodore Bilbo suggested that America's annihilation by atomic catastrophe was better than its "slow destruction 'in the maelstrom of miscegenation, interbreeding, intermarriage and mongrelization'" (p. Chapter 2 reveals "the dangers of 'race mixing'" as most Americans seemed to perceive them in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Miscegenation leads to mixed marriages and mixed marriages lead to mongrelization of the human race" (p. President Eisenhower, while not a progressive on matters of race, was also not as retrograde as the editors of the decision. All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in schools alongside some big black bucks" (p. It is this fear of "miscegenation," "mongrelization," and the threat posed by allegedly hyper-sexualized "big black bucks" that makes up the central conflict in Renee Romano's wonderful book, .

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