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"Can you…uh…accompany me on the day of the Spring festival? He thought he sure looked stupid and thanked himself for turning his back on Sakura when he blinked like this. When he didn't reply sooner, Sakura loosened her grip on Sasuke, then pulled herself away. "I'm looking forward for a great day."On the day of the Spring Festival…"For our first game, the first lady who wants her day be done with a date with one of our mystery guys, Haruno Sakura! At the sound of Sakura's name, some men went their way towards the stage where Ino's dating game is situated. "Just an average guy." Sakura practically sweat dropped at the last reply, but the voices sure are familiar to her."Okay, next question, if you don't mind, Sakura." Ino said. "So, uh, so you've already described yourselves, tell me, what are we going to do if I picked either of you? "I'm going to treat you fifteen bowls of different flavored ramen at Ichiraku." Sakura smiled.

She just stood straight, trying hard to keep her emotions in check and is so far successful in doing it. Ino's 'dating game' had managed to gather up quite a fair amount of people and the crowd is still growing. Sakura, here, will ask a few questions which will be answered by our three mystery guys. "For the last query, describe me." Sakura smiled at Ino, who nodded back mischievously."You're wonderful, Sakura-chan!

For the rest of the day, Sakura and the chosen guy will be handcuffed." They watched as a few people snickered at the word of 'handcuffed.' "But, remember, the handcuff will be covered with chakra, making it painful for the person who will try to force the handcuff open.""But how will it open? "If the handcuff had unlocked itself without any force, then I'll guess this, your day is complete.""What if you don't want the person you picked? Ino made her way towards Sasuke and Sakura, while playing with the handcuff in her hand, blue chakra covering it.

Sakura shyly extended her arm as Sasuke extended his.

Sasuke raised his left hand and putted it on Sakura's shoulder, patting it two times before turning his back on her once more, saying, "Just…be careful." Sakura's eyes widened and felt a tingling sensation inside of her before flinging herself onto Sasuke's back, her arms wrapping around Sasuke's waist.

"Stupid Jiraiya…and his stupid perverted book he is writing…" she dropped the bottle of sake and turned and eyed Ino. The handcuff, she said, will be covered with chakra, making it painful for the person who had tried to pick or force the handcuff open.

"And I actually fell for that."Sakura faked a smile as she sighed. " she looked away, but then she looked back again and noticed that Sasuke didn't avert his gaze on her."You…wanna know? They heard a small click and Sakura unconsciously let her hand touch Sasuke's lip, going down and down as it reached Sasuke's shoulder, balling the material in a death grip.

Sasuke shook the handcuff off, then suddenly pulled away. " Sakura asked, her eyes fluttering open."The handcuff…it—" Sasuke looked down and saw the handcuff below. Sakura smiled as she made Sasuke look at her once more, closed her eyes and captured his lips once more.

They both watched as Ino locked the handcuff and moved away so they could make their way out of the stage.

Sakura pouted Sasuke and said, "I guess you won't need to pick me up later.""Yeah."Sakura looked down at her right wrist, handcuffed along with Sasuke's left ones, before asking, "So, where to? There's a strong-looking tree branch so he nodded and they jumped just in time to stand on the branch to check if it is really safe, then they sat down, having the conclusion that the branch is strong enough to hold the two of them."So, may I ask how Ino managed to convince you to join?

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