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You don't have to rush out and buy supplies, they only require items you already have.This also makes them extremely easy to plan, because at most they require you to do a little bit of printing.If you have a really big party you can take the guests that want to play into another room for the fun.Two Resolutions and a Lie is the ultimate ice breaker and the perfect beginning to your New Year's Eve party.Keep track of points if you wish, or simply enjoy the fun of the game.Here's a New Year's Eve game for adults that will give everyone an opportunity to share their New Year's resolutions.These can be names of celebrities, fictional characters, historical characters, and even people in the room.

There are 15 free, printable cards for this New Years game that includes questions to ask your guests the hardest they laughed this year, the best movie of the year, the event of the year that had the most impact, the most overrated celebrity story of the year, and many more.

, What do you really want your wife to dress up like on Halloween? These New Year's Eve photo props aren't necessarily a game, but it is a great way to get your guests to loosen up and have an awesome night.

These photo prop signs can be printed and then placed on popsicle sticks.

This is based on the popular board game Adult Loaded Questions but you'll find a bunch of free questions here that you can write down on slips of paper that are aimed at seeing just how much the men know about their partners.

You'll find questions like "What would embarrass your wife?

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