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Upon being delivered from this hellish experience, through divine intervention I believe, I decided that there was something good that could come out of it.I wanted to share the experiences I had throughout this period of time, with a view towards helping others to avoid the pitfalls of adultery. Robert Schuller, who on his Hour of Power television program, often talked about turning one’s scars into stars.DATING DELILAH is unlike any book you've read before. It was written as a conversation, from the perspective of Judah Smith, a guy trying to live a pure life, who happened to be a youth pastor.It was written as a conversation, from the perspective of Judah Smith, a guy trying to live a pure life, who happened to be a youth pastor. At the age of 13, Judah, a pastor's kid and Christian, realized he wasn't gonna win the war against his sin nature.That experience really motivated me, and since then I have had a passion for writing, although I am only now getting into it on a professional basis. However, when he exercised his faith and cried out unto his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he received deliverance, and is now enjoying peace like he never knew before.

If you need a fun book to get you through the work week, this is it.I then decided to turn my scar of adultery into a star that could light the way for anyone who might be tempted to commit this sin, or for those who might be already trapped in it and are seeking desperately to get out.In my early teen years, my essays in high school came in for much praise from my teachers. Readers will navigate the dating scene with Delilah as she tries to find her true love before it's too late. It felt as though Delilah was really talking to me. Medallion Honoree One klutsy girl Several neurotic fears= Lots of dilemmas in this hilarious debut novel by Victoria L. Partially based on the author's real life, twenty-four year old Delilah Dunnfield (but please call her Deli- yes like the sandwich shop- especially if you are one sharing an intimate moment with her) was always taught that "all the good B. Throughout her childhood, Delilah's mother tells her that she has to find a man by the time she turns 25, because "all of the good men will be taken by then." So when Delilah is 24 and still single, she begins to panic.

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He works as an Information Technology teacher at the Georgetown Secondary School, in Georgetown, St. When he is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, working on home-improvement projects, spending time outdoors enjoying God's beautiful creation, and writing.

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