Dating and marriage in mongolia

The saddlebag was waterproof and could be inflated to serve as a life preserver when crossing deep and swift-moving rivers.Cavalrymen carried a small sword, javelins, body armor, a battle-ax or mace, and a lance with a hook to pull enemies off of their horses. Because they could maneuver a galloping horse using only their legs, their hands were free to shoot arrows.Soon after, Borte was kidnapped by the rival Merkit tribe and given to a chieftain as a wife.Temujin was able to rescue her, and soon after, she gave birth to her first son, Jochi.The early success of the Mongol army owed much to the brilliant military tactics of Genghis Khan, as well as his understanding of his enemies' motivations.He employed an extensive spy network and was quick to adopt new technologies from his enemies.Temujin's Mongols then defeated the Taichi'ut using a series of massive cavalry attacks, including having all of the Taichi'ut chiefs boiled alive.

Young Temujin was a member of the Borjigin tribe and a descendant of Khabul Khan, who briefly united Mongols against the Jin (Chin) Dynasty of northern China in the early 1100s.He escaped with the help of a sympathetic captor, and joined his brothers and several other clansmen to form a fighting unit.Temujin began his slow ascent to power by building a large army of more than 20,000 men.Genghis Khan was born "Temujin" in Mongolia around 1162.He married at age 16, but had many wives during his lifetime.

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The leading shaman declared Genghis Khan the representative of Mongke Koko Tengri (the "Eternal Blue Sky"), the supreme god of the Mongols.

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