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Really, the company is doing everything it can to create a disruptive exclusive experience.” But while Lihn thinks the founders have “nailed” the clubbish environment, he predicts Raya’s days are limited — at least among the elite.

“It’s a small pond and it gets saturated very quickly,” says one Raya member.

Kim Kardashian has long been a fan of Bio-Oil, £8.95, a mixture of calendula, lavender, rosemary oils and vitamins A and E, that claims to soften skin to prevent the marks and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.She had floor-to-ceiling windows and her doorman was watching us from [the street],” says John.(Names have been changed to protect dating viability and Raya membership.) “The app’s incredible,” he says. Launched in March, Raya quickly became known as the online dating app for all the people too cool to online date.It's safe to say Lopez has schooled them, even paving the way for all women and whatever curves they have.Hey curvy girls all over the world, It’s been years since I’ve actually sat down and watched the Grammy awards from beginning to end.

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“[The app’s] got this whole ‘Fight Club’ vibe to it,” says Henry Lihn, 35, a startup consultant and Raya member.

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