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In her work, she tries to show how “traditional college culture” is a barrier to student success, particularly for disadvantaged students.Why Students Are Afraid Cox believes a mismatch exists between many students’ expectations and those of their professors, and that some of the current pedagogical norms used in the classroom may be furthering this learning gap.“Students can easily arrive at college without understanding what is expected of them and how to meet the expectations,” Cox writes.“But, there are plenty of discussions about ‘How do I improve my teaching?’ I, for one, believe faculty care a great deal about being better teachers and care about creating conditions that help them become better teachers.”He also agrees with the fundamental point of her pedagogical argument.“There’s always been a delicate balance between teaching a topic and teaching students, especially at community colleges,” Tierney said.“Being unprepared to meet certain expectations, however, is not the same as being unable to meet them.When students fail to follow, or even violate, rules that are taken for granted, instructors may easily interpret the source of the problem.But Cox can rest assured that community college faculty who teach composition take the time to gauge their students’ preparedness and histories as writers, not to mention learning styles that those students are bringing to the class.After all, community college composition classrooms are typically small and very much, as we say, writer-centered.

Others even deliberately skipped assignments, for fear that turning them in would earn them a poor grade and confirm their inadequacy.

The purpose of the games are once the student finishes playing, they will have learned about important decisions they may face during college and available resources.."You've gone through mistakes, you've switched majors, you spent more money, you share a story like that, it's easier for other people to listen to that," said Michael Spooner, Student."You're able to find more success in college that way, and it's not such a hassle to get to your graduation," said Shelby Krech, Student.

The games will be played by freshman next semester in their introductory University class.

“It’s essential for us to take into account where they’re coming from and where they’re headed in life.

We’re not saying we’re going to lower standards, but we need to meet students where they are.”Howard Tinberg, an English professor at Bristol Community College and former editor of the journal Teaching English in the Two-Year College, had a different take on the excerpts from Cox’s work he read.“First of all, let me say that on the face of it, Cox's observation that students and faculty may misunderstand each other is obvious,” Tinberg wrote in an e-mail.

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