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It is not easy when we see people who reject God’s way apparently having a better time than we do.

Sleeping together before marriage is now considered the norm.Once we are totally in love with God, we will trust Him and accept that His rules are not restrictive – holding us back from being happy – but rather the opposite.This is the challenge: loving God will bring us happiness, now and forever (see, for example, Psalm 37:3,11,18,22-29), but it is not easy when bad things happen and we feel we cannot wait any longer for something better.Abraham and his instructions to his servant regarding finding a spouse for his son Isaac make that abundantly clear (Genesis 24:1-9,34-38).Dating only inside the Truth is not just the ideal; it is essential for God to bring us all the happiness He wants us to have, and to show Him and others that we put Him first. Perhaps we think that meeting our needs and feeling good is most important, but the scriptures encourage us not to worry about that because if we do what is right God will meet our needs, not just temporarily, but for the long term.

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