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China’s online regulator the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said late Wednesday that distributing the footage was “against socialist core values”.The CAC ordered senior managers of Weibo’s operator Sina and Tencent, owner of We Chat, to cooperate in an investigation, the agency said in a statement.China’s attitude towards sex education is conservative and it’s only recently that the topic’s been introduced in schools.For one Hangzhou-based parent, the book in the centre of the controversy has taken it too far.“Five people were taken away by police including the man and woman who played the main role,” the channel said in a report broadcast late last week.“The police investigation has two main parts: who published this unsavoury video, and was it an example of hype by the business (Uniqlo),” it added."If you were a parent and heard this without any warning, wouldn't you be shocked?

Police held the couple on Wednesday night, just hours after the footage went viral, media said Sunday, citing an earlier report by state-run broadcaster Beijing Television.

"You can teach children how to protect themselves, but you shouldn't use nudity and graphic images to stimulate their curiosity, especially when they are still undergoing puberty." But those in favour of the book say it's leapfrogged the traditionally conservative manner in which sex and gender is discussed.

Top left: AIDS and HIV prevention tips; bottom left - a chapter educating about sexist gender norms; center - a chapter about same-sex relationships and rights for same-sex couples; right - a chapter about sexual fantasies, which published an op-ed supporting the textbook, and slammed naysayers for sensationalising and distorting its contents.

"A book that was meant to let young children learn more about gender and sex, and protect themselves from sex predators has been distorted and turned into pornographic depictions by the media and corporate Weibo accounts," the piece said.

"The syllabus is incredibly progressive, and is better than similar texts from other developed countries." Another Weibo user, 369Ribs La La La Ah Chai added: "I saw that line which said that 'gay people and heterosexual people had the same rights; don't discriminate' and I nearly cried." Beijing Normal University, which created the textbook, explained in a statement that the book had gone through nine years of testing in an elementary school attached to the tertiary institute, and is currently being rolled out in 18 elementary schools in China's capital.

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CHINESE POLICE HAVE detained five people including a young couple over a sex tape shot in a Beijing clothing store which went viral in China, media reports said Sunday.

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