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1st RUNNER-UP – ICELAND (Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir) – Many people may thought that she has faded away in the middle of the competition, but hell no!Sigrun is a major contender and she pulled out her strengths when they mattered the most.

Bea Rose Santiago, on the otherhand, has bounced back and is ready to make a strong showing at tonight’s final show! One follower of this pageant is crazy over her beauty, and she has made a lot of people in Japan turn their heads on her whenever she passes by.

will follow 14 conferences in this series, held in Chalkidiki, Greece (2013); Mie, Japan (2010); Barcelona, Spain (2007); Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK (2004); Haifa, Israel (2001); Praha, Czech Republic (1998); Lisboa, Portugal (1995); Thessaloniki, Greece (1992); Paris, France (1989); The current name of -conferences was established in 1989 in Paris.

Before 1989 the following “ancestor” conferences took place: “Grain boundary structure and related phenomena” Lake Placid, USA (1987) “Grain boundary structure and related phenomena” JIMIS-4, Minakami, Japan (1985) “International conference on the structure and properties of internal interfaces”, Irsee, West Germany (1984) “Computer simulation in the study of solid-solid interfaces”, Philadelphia, PA, USA (1983) 1st All-union conference "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Ufa, USSR (1983) Caen, France (1982) 2nd All-Union seminar "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Chernogolovka, USSR (1982) “Grain boundary structure and kinetics”, ASM Materials Science Seminar, Milwakee, WI, USA (1979) 1st All-Union seminar "Structure and properties of grain boundaries", Chernogolovka, USSR (1979) “Grain boundaries and interfaces”, Yorktown Heights, New Yor, USA (1971) “Properties of grain boundaries” (4e Colloque de Métallurgie), Saclay, France, 1960 The iib Conferences which are held every three years, represent a unique international forum bringing together the specialists working in different areas of Interface Science.

It’s been long overdue, and with only four delegates from the proverbial “black” continent this year, they have at least sent top caliber delegates who are worthy of a placement.

And, it would be perfect to crown someone who came from the country of the late Nelson Mandela, and it’s not because of him, but in a matter of perfect timing, this progressive country has sent a beautiful, eloquent, soft spoken and humble delegate in the name of Cindy Rosslind.

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If you heard her speech during the International Forum, you would understand why this woman can be a great spokesperson for the MIO. 8 is Reilly Mboumba Makaya of Gabon, who is another African whom a lot of Missosologists believe is worthy of winning their continent’s first ever Miss International crown. That’s the kind of aura she magnifies in real life!

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