Bitter about dating

A man’s coping mechanism to rejection causes him to be more masculine, but a woman’s coping mechanism to rejection What women don’t understand is that by trying to avoid pain, they also eliminate the pleasure that precludes that pain, those positive feelings that are part of any budding love affair.

Unfortunately, unless the woman I’m with has the same mindset, no emotional connection will result, with the ensuing relationship remaining purely sexual, satisfactory but not spectacular.

Rejections in dating cause both men and women to change.

They begin to withhold displays of emotion, compassion, or interest.

I got better and better until one day, I realized I was winning all the tournaments in Canada.

All it takes to be good at fighting games, I discovered, is hard work, practice, and having fun along the way.

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She fucks him on the first date, thinking that he liked her.

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