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At 21, the deejay, now flying with the name DJ Warship, works at Fish FM, Daystar TV as well as the campus radio in Moi University, where he is also a student.

The 27 year old whose official name is Daniel Nzai, says explains why deejaying is his choice career path, “I get an entirely new experience every time I go to work!

The Coach Level course is designed to be an introduction to performance coaching for coaches who have performed well at Level 1 Instructor Course and ... Sezer Huysuz was elected the president of the Turkish Judo Federation. Huysuz has been involved in the Level 1 Instructor Course and the Level 2 Coaching Course of our Aca “Everything about the IJF Academy roadshow coming to Australia has been positive” Director of Judo Australia, Shane Alvisio shared his judo history and his experience at the Level 1 Instructor Course During the 5th competition day of judo in the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Mr.

TEAM DJ GEEGEE DJ Sam Omol “Deejaying gives me the opportunity to be the life of the party!

FSG Academy supports athletes in every area of their development to become an excellent athlete.

High quality sports and academics in combination with dedicated teachers and trainers, guarantee an environment in which athletes can excel.

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  1. Ni satu lagu dikir barat yang diperkenalkan oleh syuhada..kemudian dikomersialkan oleh orang kelantan..hahaha budak satu lab aku ni ada 2 orang kelantan shima dan ila..aku pun kene ler belajar-belajar mana yang patut..dapat ilmu gak tu kan...anyway thanks korang..