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The DWDPS (Distance Weighted Damage Per Second) incorporates the hit chance (supplied on table below) into the DPS ().This helps to depict the DPS when firing from a long distance, instead of up close.

Note that both the damage listed here is the weapon's base damage, not affected by perks.When using a weapon with a scope and viewing as much extra distance as you can (~8 blocks), you end up viewing most of the outer range of a bullet (800px screen width / 2 ~8 blocks (8*12px = 96px) ~= 500px).As such, in this scenario most of the firing distance that goes off-screen when using a scope weapon is attributed to the inner scope.Fighting the same way when using a Famas (fast speed, low damage) as well as a M40 A5 (low speed, high damage) would result in one or both not being used to their best advantage, Some terms used in the tables below: If you need to update a weapon's stats, you must update it on the weapon's page; it will then automatically update it here (you may need to purge the page to see results).Primary weapons (unlike secondary weapons) require you to use clips when you reload.

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Equipping a perk will cause you to have to wait for the perk's cooldown time before you can use it. Perks are activated after equipping in the armory (after purchase) by clicking the icon on the bottom right, or pressing Increases the health of everyone (yourself, teammates, & enemies) in its radius by 1 /s for 10 seconds.

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