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Holder comes to the attorney general’s office with an excellent background and states a firm commitment to uphold the rule of law,’’ Sessions said.“Like those before him, President Obama—who knows Mr.

Replacing Heflin also had an ironic twist because Heflin was among the Democratic senators who voted against Sessions’ for a federal judgeship 10 years earlier.

I don’t think he did it for a just cause.”The case became the first point of controversy when then-President Ronald Reagan nominated Sessions for a federal judgeship in 1985. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., called the prosecution “very troublesome” and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee pushed to delay his confirmation hearing to allow investigations. Gerald Hebert testified that when he asked Sessions about allegations a federal judge called attorney James Blacksher, who is white, “a disgrace to his race” for representing black clients, Sessions replied “Well, maybe he is.”Asked about the remark in 1986, Sessions said, “I do not know why I would have said that, and I certainly do not believe that.

The lawyer in question is one of the finest lawyers in the country.” (Blacksher, reached by phone Friday, declined comment.)Thomas Figures, a former assistant U. Attorney, resigned from the office in 1985 in protest over the Perry County prosecution.

“The fact that this process has suggested that I and my office have acted otherwise is like a nightmare.”Robert Turner on Friday wouldn’t say directly if Sessions should be attorney general.“I can’t say that a person never changes,” he said.

“But most of the time, people say what they believe, and their actions follow what they believe, and that’s what I judge people by.

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Prosecutors alleged that Turner, his wife Evelyn, and activist Spencer Hogue altered ballots for a Sept. Robert Turner, Albert’s brother and an attorney in Marion, Ala., said in a phone interview Friday that the defendants – later known as the Marion Three – were trying to assist poor and elderly voters in casting ballots.

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