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Golf 202 is set in a more intimate environment of just four players.

An observed round of 9-holes by your professional allows for the diagnosis of your weak areas.

Meanwhile, users' personal data becomes easier to scavenge.

But firmware isn't a feature that looks flashy on the side of a box, so few people think about it when buying a security camera.

Whether you are a beginner at golf or returning to the game, the Get Golf Ready Program is designed to teach you in five short lessons, everything you'll need to know to step onto a golf course and get out to play with confidence.

But with web security cameras, the cheaper price tags aren't necessarily about good products getting less expensive over time.

Depending on what areas you are looking to improve, we have clinics geared towards full swing, short game, putting, and everything in between.

Some of our clinics will even get you out on the course for a bit of insight from one of our outstanding instructors. New to the game, or in need of a refresher after returning to the game? Our talented and passionate instructors will show you how to strengthen and refine your swing and will share with you many techniques to practice in your own home to ultimately lower your scores. If you have ever thought about playing golf, then Get Golf Ready is for you.

Even forgotten places, he says, can still be used “for public good.” For the millions of Americans with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, eating out is often anxiety-ridden—any menu item might contain traces of the protein, which is off-limits.

The Nima sensor, which starts shipping early next year, would work to put their minds at ease by allowing them to test any kind of food or drink in as little as two minutes.

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