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You can feel free to share as much or as little as you like with us. You can take comfort in knowing that RAINN’s Online Hotline support specialists are trained to meet the unique needs of survivors.They are diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to offering support.అలాంటి అనుగ్రహం పుష్కలంగా పొందిన నిండైన నాజూకైన విగ్రహం.The Online Hotline works like other instant messaging and online chat systems, but with enhanced security measures.Read the full terms Visitors to the Online Hotline sometimes experience psychological, emotional, and physical effects of sexual violence.Learning more can help you find the best form of care to begin the healing process.You can also call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.

In addition, each chat is overseen by a highly trained Online Hotline Supervisor to ensure all visitors have a positive and helpful hotline experience.

Age/sex/location (commonly referred to by the shorthand A/S/L, asl or ASL) is an article of Internet slang used in instant messaging programs and in Internet chatrooms.

It is used as a question to find out the age, sex (or gender), and general location of the person one is talking to.

52% of the MOO character descriptions referenced age, sex, location, or physical appearance.

All chat rooms were embeded from other chat room codes like neat chat, flash chat rooms, chatovod and others. is famous worldwide for good friendship chats, racism, insulting, sexual and cyber chats in main chat rooms are strictly not allowed.

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