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Following Humiliating Experience, Gay Couple Files Suit PR Pickle for United Airlines.

Fox News Sets a Bad Example for Media Relations Jon Greer sets off a good debate on media bias.

5 PR Disasters You Can Learn From Five PR lessons from PR Professionals blog including Kanye West’s fake outrage, PRSA’s abuse of Lois Whitman, United Airlines, UK retailer Habitat and Golden State Warriors.

5 PR Pitches: The Good and Bad Tech journalist Marshall Kilpatrick highlights good and bad PR pitches.5 Ways Mc Donalds Could Have Prevented Its Hashtag Nightmare Better strategy could have avoided this bad PR.9 Social Media Crisis Questions Dole Food Company Failed To Answer Dole dropped the pineapple when it came to a product recall and crisis management.10 Biggest PR Fails Learn from these 10 fashion pitch failures.10 of the Biggest PR Blunders in Recent Memory profiles 10 big PR disasters from OJ and Ellen De Generes to AIG and John Mc Cain.11 Athlete Endorsements that Were Lost to Scandal There are many lessons to be learned from the athlete misadventures.11 major public relations mistakes (and how to learn from them) Young PR pros share lessons.12 Things Not to Do When Pitching a Story to Mashable If you want into , heed Adam Ostrow’s tips on what NOT to do.17 surefire ways to annoy journalists Route to bad PR or worse. A Brief Diversion: The LOL Bad Pitch of the Day Susan Getgood shares a poorly targeted but very funny bad pitch.

CFTC Refers Forged Comment Letters to Justice Department Dewey Square Group forged comment letters to CFTC. Carlton Hotels & Fake Trip Advisor Review Allegations Now that’s a PR fail.

uk Swears on Twitter and Calls X Factor Contestant a Silly Bint Now here’s a Twitter mistake NOT to make. Cheating the App Store: PR Has Interns Post Positive Reviews for Clients Chesapeake Energy CEO Gets Fracked Shareholder outrage, Board’s big PR fail.

One thing’s for sure, you’d don’t want be a bad PR example because on the ‘net, it’s forever!

We’ve added a new feature to our archives to make it even easier to find your favorite, most relevant content.

Astroturfing: Maybe it’s Not as Bad as it Seems Astroturfing is always wrong, always a PR Fail IMHO.

Childish Press Release of the Day Badvocate lacks credibility on nuclear told-you-so. Dumb PR Stunt: Ticking Promo Clocks Cause Bomb Scare What were these PR peeps thinking?

Chrysler Social Media Agency Told to Hit the Highway After Twitter Foul Up PR Fail or appropriate response? Cigarette Company Sponsors Volcano Relief Efforts This PR fail is too funny! Etsy’s #PR Nightmare: Greeting Cards Making Light of Rape Etsy’s lack of sensitivity and tepid response hurt its reputation.

Bad PR: The Social Media Stalker This bad social media PR example from Amber Mc Naught is kinda funny and pitiful. Believe It Or Not, Another Really Bad Public Relations Website Newt Barrett cites a PR agency for some self-absorbed website content. Belvedere vodka ad sparks outrage Extreme PR fail using sexual assault in vodka ad. ” says company selling car-cleaner Weird science: bad PR no surprise after silly, self-serving publicity attempt..

Bloggers take to Twitter against Samsung Stranding blogger creates social media outlash and reputation hit. Hardly A contrarian view by Al Kruger on Brody PR’s celebrated email pitch faux pas.

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to PR people: “Read the damn submission page.”Airline denying refund to dying vet has history of Bad PR Just before caving, social media burned hot, forcing airline to give in. A publicist with 72 glowing book reviews for clients, and her boss, is outed by the . American Apparel Angers Twittersphere With ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale’ Bad PR continues for marketing miscreants.

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