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“When I read the script, I said to them, ‘I know this is a horror film and the focus is going to be on that element’,” Palmer reports, “‘but these characters are so rich in complexity, you have to make sure that whoever plays my mother really does mental illness justice onscreen.’ I’ve seen it done really, really well — ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is such an accurate portrayal of it — but I’ve seen other films where they push it or it’s too hammy, it just doesn’t seem right.“Then when I heard Maria Bello was doing it, I was, ‘Oh, we’ll be fine.’ She’s always a brilliant actress and, you know, suffers from bipolar herself.

She just threw in her own experiences, I guess, and was just so believable.” Bello has high praise for her movie daughter, too.

“I think my work improved after becoming a mother,” she figures.

“Because I actually, truly know the deepest feeling of love now, and the deepest feeling of fear.

So I thought that was pretty cool — my junk made it on camera.

Winslow and Maxwell say they also spent time thinking about the scientific properties of ghosts. “They go through anything, but if you get them really mad, they’d blow up stars.

“I was lighting myself, and not only myself but my little young co-star.

“There’s such a dysfunction there that was very appealing to me,” adds Palmer, who got her start a little more than a decade ago in such fright films as “Wolf Creek” and “The Grudge 2.” “It was just lovely to delve into this world that felt very real.

“I tried to connect to Gabriel on a kids’ level like I always did with my son, even though he was only 14 months old,” Palmer explains.

“I was very mama bearlike with Gabriel because I knew that he had to go to some uncomfortable places to portray these feelings. ’ ‘I’m here if you have any questions, please ask me.’”It wasn’t all about bringing personal experience to the production.

Palmer had her first baby with her husband, actor-director Mark Webber, a little over a year before the new movie went into production.

Now expecting her second and Webber’s third son, Palmer’s delight in parenting is palpable, and she brought it to the set.

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I could see the vulnerability, I knew he was thinking about things that made him really sad. Palmer actually had to learn a new movie job: lighting technician.

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