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He stated: “Average alcohol consumption per capita is double the rate the WHO [World Health Organization] considers dangerous to one’s health.” Three times more people die in Russia from heart-related deceases as compared to Europe or the USA.The 2014 study by The Lancet medical journal confirms the general knowledge about high levels of alcohol abuse in Ukraine, Russia, and other post-USSR countries, and put it as the top killer of Russian males: “Russian adults have extraordinarily high rates of premature death.For example, the rescue services of Belarus attribute high mortality levels in accidents on water causing drownings to alcohol abuse.The problem is known to governments, which tried to solve it in the past unsuccessfully, such as during Perestroika in 1986, when supply of alcohol and hours of trade were severely limited.The life expectancy gender gap is consistently high throughout the whole post-Soviet space, while it’s only 4.5-year difference in the world in general.

The gender map shows regions by their sex ratios, with the space occupied by the former Soviet Union painted dark blue.

The population of former Soviet republics is substantially older than general numbers world-wide.

Women there also live significantly longer than males, as compared to the planet’s averages.

This is what a female member of EM wrote in a comment about Ashley Madison’s scandal: “I think not many men get married to cheat on their wives after the wedding, this means, the problems are mutual, and there is the wife’s fault in the fact that her husband is cheating in a some extent.

Maybe, she doesn’t look after herself, or doesn’t give him attention, doesn’t have sex with him or is not enthusiastic enough, works too much etc.

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