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“There were two women and two men in a huge van and they pushed us into it with the force of their beatings,” she recalled.

“Their objection was to the ripped jeans that we were wearing.

Women found to have their hair or bodies inadequately covered can be publicly admonished, warned, fined or even arrested, while vigilantes are also active.

Iranians attempting to resist the draconian enforcement patrols started a phone app called “Gershad” to report their locations last year, but authorities in Tehran went on to deploy a new unit of 7,000 officers.

Zahra’s mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, said male officers had threatened the girls with pepper spray to get them into the car, while female officers hit them and pulled their hair. “When I entered the room, they were saying that these girls are not children any more and should wear proper clothes.

“Signs of bruises are still visible all over her body.

“There are many women sharing stories showing that they got lashes just because of attending a mixed party with men or dancing with men at a birthday party.” Ms Alinejad, who left Iran in 2009 and now works as a journalist in New York, called on female politicians in her home country to fight “discriminatory laws” on Islamic dress codes.

The committee also lamented a law obliging wives “to fulfill sexual needs of their husbands at all times,” which it stressed “places child brides at risk of sexual violence, including marital rape.” Stressing the devastating effects child marriage can have on the physical and mental health of young girls, the experts called on Tehran to introduce national laws clearly banning and criminalizing the practice.Most distressing perhaps is that some crimes committed as a minor in Iran are punishable by death, and that the country occasionally executed children.“A small number of children have been executed in Iran,” committee member Bernard Gastaud told reporters.Now secrets are starting to seep out from an overflowing cesspool of vile where miscreants thrive. State Department, Iran was listed among the dozen countries with the poorest record of human trafficking.As part of our continuing focus on Iran, this week RUTV will explore the sexual trafficking of girls. In recent years, child prostitution has risen 635 percent in the country, and dozens of Iranian girls are brought to Arab countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh to be sold as sex slaves every day.

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