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Not long ago, I posted a magazine spread of Carol Cummings and Tom Byron from Hot Tails, October 1990, here: I neglected to state at the time that the mag is or was an offshoot of Swank magazine, but I did mention that I thought I had a copy of a European magazine with more pics, and hardcore ones, from the same photo shoot.

I've now found the Euromag, plus three more sources, and I've tried to put them all together in a sequence which has a few lumps, but almost (damned shoes! I also turned up my copy of the January 1990 Cheeks, which has the same spread that was in Hot Tails -- which isn't too surprising, since both are offshoots of Swank magazine -- but also had an extra pic of Carol on the contents page.

However, as far as Carol's being on the receiving end of an anal probe, either natural or plastic, AFAIK that still only happens in the second Hershe Highway video.

If the interview with Carol (assuming it actually took place) I posted here: can be trusted, Carol's first on-camera sex scene was with Marc Wallice and took place out of doors.

At the beginning, with Don Fernando (yet again, and alas), and near the end, a g/g with Barbara Dare. Aside from the obligatory blowjob that Carol gives him, every time that I can see what his tool is up to, it's in her vagina. He does spurt all over her behind (she's in doggy position) and it oozes over her rosebud, but unless that's supposed to count as anal sex, there ain't none here.

If everyone can overlook the varicolored footwear, the two contradictory storylines told in the captions, and all the overblown type on the phone ad and magazine cover (not to mention a grammatical error and a price sticker that won't come off), here's a long sequence of pics of Carol (blonde) in action.

Later: Added a small inset pic from the front cover of another issue of 200 Uncensored Sex Acts, this time the November 1991 issue. Even Later: The same photo, unfortunately in the same two inch by two inch size, also is on the cover of yet another Swank offshoot, Swank's Uncensored Girls, May-June, 1989.

In addition, I unearthed my copy of a magazine with the clunky title of 200 Uncensored Sex Acts (May 1990, and another Swank offshoot), which I had acquired because Carol (sitting on an unidentified male torso -- obviously Byron's) was on the cover (though the lady did not appear inside the magazine, alas), and a Swank (March 1993) with a full page phone-sex ad with a large pic of Carol obviously from the same shoot. Trying for continuity, I had to place one pic out of what seemed like the obvious sequence because it would have made Byron apparently take off his bathrobe, then put it on again, then shed it again.

A bigger problem, with no obvious cure, was that Carol was wearing two different pairs of shoes, one white (actually, they look like high-heeled house slippers) and the other red (the red high-heeled shoes are in the hardcore pics).

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Below are the pics which used to be in the sequence above, with their type still on them.

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